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The Barber who became a Billionaire – News Digest

A real rags to riches tale!
Ramesh Babu started up as a barber giving haircuts for Rs 5 in 1993, today he is the owner of 154 imported cars including a Rolls Royce. What is the magic ? CNBC

ramesh babu billionaire

Ramesh Babu - The Billionaire Barber

Could impact investing help India’s poor?
India’s growing middle class has been a target for many companies, but now another segment of society is increasingly becoming a focus for investors – people living below the poverty line. But can businesses make a profit and also serve a social purpose ? BBC

Entrepreneurs build nation, not govt: TiECon chief
Human resource will be a biggest asset for the country in next 20 years and India is the only country in the world that provides human skills to rest of the world, said Saurabh Srivastatava, chairman emeritus, TiE Delhi and NCR. CIOL

Raju Vanapala: The man behind’s success
Now you can text, chat, and update your social media profile for free. And that’s thanks to Raju Vanapala’s, a web portal that carries all your text messages for free. CNBC

201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business
With tips from the zany (send a pizza to potential clients) to downright ballsy (hire an ex-con), Jane Applegate’s arrow hits the bull’s eye with 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business. ID

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