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Dr Amrit R. Patel is the Retired Deputy General Manager, Bank of Baroda, Mumbai and a consultant in Financial Services. He has published over 400 papers on agriculture, rural development, rural banking and microfinance in leading media outlets.

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Coffee Plantations in Kerala, India

How to Enhance their Productivity and Profitability ?                      The caffeine content in coffee makes coffee an exciting drink that energizes people having it. The production of coffee needs temperature of 230 to 280C and rainfall up to 60 to 80 inches on an average annually. The South Indian state of Kerala has a favorable … Continue reading “Coffee Plantations in Kerala, India”

Digital India Project and Agriculture

Government’s“Digital India” project launched on 1st July 2015 envisions empowering citizens with e-access to government services and livelihood related services, among others. The project has three core components, viz. digital infrastructure, digital services and digital literacy. Mobile phone is the preferred delivery medium with focus on mGovernance and mServices. The mAgriculture and mGramBazar, out of … Continue reading “Digital India Project and Agriculture”

Managing Problems of Pulse Production and Prices in India

It is a sheer but timely coincidence that India has witnessed unprecedented rise in the prices of pulses in recent months and the United Nations’ General Assembly has declared 2016 as the International Year of Pulses. In this context, the past 65 years field experiences in India reveal year to year significant variance in the … Continue reading “Managing Problems of Pulse Production and Prices in India”

Top 10 MFI’s in India 2015-16 List released

Update August 2017 : The Bharat Microfinance Report 2016 report can be accessed here. The older version of this report follows below. The latest rankings of the top MFI’s in India has been released in the Bharat Microfinance Report 2015, the results are based on data made available to Sa-Dhan by MFI’s and are for the … Continue reading “Top 10 MFI’s in India 2015-16 List released”

Strategy to reduce India’s Dependence on Import of Edible Oils

With 21 % of world’s area and 15% of world’s production India is the fourth largest oil seed producing country in the world, next to USA, China and Brazil. Oilseeds in India account for the second largest agricultural commodities after cereals sharing 13% of the country’s gross cropped area, nearly 5% of gross national product … Continue reading “Strategy to reduce India’s Dependence on Import of Edible Oils”

Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana : Role of Banks

The Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi had announced on 11th October 2014 that each Member of the Parliament(MP) of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha should adopt three villages in his/her constituency and ensure their development  while focusing on improvements in the village economy which will lead to enrichment of human life. Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana … Continue reading “Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana : Role of Banks”

Pulses Productivity and Production in India 2015

To improve Pulse Productivity & the Grow More Pulses Campaign. Despite India being the largest producer [18.5 million tons] and processor of pulses in the world also imports around 3.5 million tons annually on an average to meet its ever increasing consumption needs of around 22.0 million tons. According to Indian Institute of Pulses Research’s … Continue reading “Pulses Productivity and Production in India 2015”