An Overview Of Types Of Attendance Management Software

A number of HR and payroll software (Click here to know more) solutions come packed with attendance management capabilities. However, there are various types of available software for attendance management system and each one differs a little from the next. Sometimes clubbed with an attendance management system is also a leave management software, which, together with an attendance management software, delivers the inputs for the payroll needs of an organization. Coming back to the various attendance management software available in the market today, here’s a quick overview:

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All employees can enhance their productivity with these software suites.

1. Biometric attendance software

A biometric attendance system essentially verifies identity and captures one’s time of entry and exit using his or her fingerprint. Such systems are hugely popular today and for good reason. This does away with any chances of buddy punching which leads to time leakages that can affect the productivity of an organization as a whole.

Biometric systems are commonly integrated with other systems to convert the data into lucid reports. This can be done with ease. Such systems have also found to be extremely cost effective as there are no cost heads apart from the actual biometric machine itself.

Adding or removing employees too can be done easily, quickly and with minimum hassles.

2. Break-time tracking software

Some companies or types of companies feel the need to track the duration of breaks taken by employees. For them, a break-time tracking software is just the thing. With such a software, employees can punch in and punch out multiple times during the day.

The first punch in is treated as the employee’s entry into company premises. Thereafter, every punch out and subsequent punch in are treated as a break from work. The time period between each punch out and punch in is treated as one break.

Such systems find utility particularly in companies where the time spent on projects is critical.

3. On-line attendance management software

A time keeping system that offers a web login facility is commonly known as an online attendance management software. These function using cloud technology, that ensures one’s attendance data can be accessed and log ins and log outs performed from virtually any location with an internet connection.

Log ins and log outs can also be performed easily at the simple click of a button – a convenience many employees expect in our digital age. Such systems also come in handy when you have a large part of the workforce that’s working remotely, at client locations or in outbound sales roles.

Now that you have a basic overview of the types of attendance management systems out there and their key features, why not pick one that meets your requirements today? Attendance management software delivers far higher efficiency than traditional systems such as attendance musters. Also to be borne in mind is the fact that attendance management software that is integrated with other HR systems (Click Here) such as leave and payroll deliver far higher synergy than a standalone attendance management system.

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