Arman Financial Services reports sales of Rs 3.35 Crores

Arman Financial Services, a Gujarat based listed microfinance company has reported a sales turnover of Rs 3.35 crore and a net profit of Rs 0.46 crore for the quarter ending December 2011. For the quarter ended December 2009 the sales turnover of the company was Rs 1.45 Crore and it had reported a net profit of Rs 0.23 crore.

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Share Price of Arman Microfinance

Arman Financial Services is a NBFC company which began it’s microfinance operations in the state of Gujarat in January 2009. The company’s share price had touched a 52 week high of Rs 34.70 in June 2010 and is currently trading in Rs 18 range as of 6th Feb 2011.

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Q3 Results of Arman Financial Services

Quarterly Results of Arman Financial Services—All figures in Rs. Crore—
Dec ’09 Sep ’10Dec ’10
Sales Turnover1.45 2.613.35
Other Income
Total Income1.45 2.613.35
Total Expenses0.57 0.761.38
Operating Profit0.88 1.851.97
Profit On Sale Of Assets
Profit On Sale Of Investments
Gain/Loss On Foreign Exchange
VRS Adjustment
Other Extraordinary Income/Expenses
Total Extraordinary Income/Expenses
Tax On Extraordinary Items
Net Extra Ordinary Income/Expenses
Gross Profit0.88 1.851.97
Interest0.49 0.951.25
PBDT0.39 0.910.72
Depreciation0.02 0.020.02
Depreciation On Revaluation Of Assets
PBT0.37 0.890.70
Tax0.14 0.310.24
Net Profit0.23 0.580.46
Prior Years Income/Expenses
Depreciation for Previous Years Written Back/ Provided
Dividend Tax
Dividend (%)
Earnings Per Share0.57 1.421.13
Book Value
Equity4.08 4.084.08
Reserves3.97 4.77
Face Value10.00 10.0010.00
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