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A technology to harness wind pressure from Trains

Indian-railwaysNAGPUR: A city-based entrepreneur claims to have developed a technology to harness wind pressure generated by a moving train and convert it into electricity. Santosh Pradhan, who has even obtained 22 national and international patents for the concept, is sure that his eco-friendly way of generating power was the answer to country’s electricity crisis and also to global warming.

“The technique has the potential to generate 14.81 lakh megawatt (MW) power in India alone, with its 63,000 route kilometres of railways and 14,300 trains operating every day,” said Pradhan. A CEO of an engineering company which is a vendor of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited (M&M), Pradhan says his calculations show that every single kilometre of the network of the Indian Railways can generate 20.89 MW of power every day. “In fact, nearly 10,000 MW of electricity can be generated in Mumbai alone, on the suburban train network of the metropolis,” he said.

“Wind pressure is created on the front surface of the engine of a moving train. This pressure can be harnessed using a system of turbo-chargers and impellers to generate a huge quantity of compressed air. A system of pipes and impellers can transmit this compressed air to the roof of the train. From there, it can be transferred to a matching system of impellers and pipes suspended from the fixtures of the overhead equipment above the track,” Pradhan explained. More

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