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Over 95% SHG loan accounts regular as of 31st March, 2011

The agency-wise progress under SHG-Bank Linkage Programme as on 31 March 2011 is as under :

Amount in Rs. Lakhs

Sl. No.

Name of the Agency

Total outstanding Bank Loans  to SHG

Average loan outstanding per SHG


Loans outstanding


Coml. Bank 3053472 2188325.67



RRBs 451798 190785.65



Coop. Bank 1281493 743005.23


  Total 4786763 3122116.55


The average loan outstanding per SHG has increased from Rs.57,795/- in March 2010 to Rs.65,224 in March 2011.

 Peer pressure plays an important role in SHG mechanism which ensures timely recovery of outstanding loan.  As on 31.03.2011 over 95% SHG loan accounts are regular.

SHG members stand in front of a truck delivering products manufactured by them.

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