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6 Personal Finance Manager Apps

As life becomes more complex, it is useful to get a personal finance manager app which will guide you on how to save money and track your spending habits. Personal finance mangers have now become more intelligent and can autocategorize bank and card transactions. They can also check for better deals when you make a purchase and recommend these in the future.

You can use these mobile apps to set limits on spending by using inbuilt tools which in turn helps compulsive shoppers rein in their spending. Previously we had posted about India’s top money mangement software. Now we feature six personal finance manger applications from the European market in this article.

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Manage your money wisely with finance management mobile apps.

Bankin – bankin.com

This French startup is one of Europe’s leading personal finance managers. It’s mobile app makes finance management easy and is currently being used by more than 1.5 million users across four European countries. Some of the features of it’s mobile app include budgeting, automatic classification of expenses, alerts and visual charts.

If you require financial advice, the app doubles up as an adviser and can be counted as a source of trusted independent insight. The firm recently released wire transfer facilities which be can done between multiple accounts.


There are an estimated 2 billion people around the globe that do not have access to bank accounts or financial services. Kreditech is looking to reach out to these individuals by combining non-traditional data sources and machine learning to disburse credit online along with digital banking services. In May 2017, the company raised € 110 million in funding from American payments processor PayU.

This funding round represented the largest private equity investment in a German fintech Company till date. Kreditech has till date processed more than 4 million loan applications through its different subsidiaries. It also offers a digital wallet and a personal finance manager that help users manage and improve their credit score.

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These mobile apps works on Aandroid and iOS phones.

Cardlay – www.cardlay.com

Based in Denmark, Cardlay has pioneered automated digital solutions which provide instant transaction reconciliation. With Cardlay Mastercard you can increase the efficiency with lower risk. Their unique expense and account management feature gives a real time overview of expenses. You can apply for reimbursment through the app which will save your employees time. You can thus use it to control the expenses of a particular department within your company saving you reams of paperwork.

Fizen – www.fizen.fr

The France focused startup has rolled out a digital business financial manager for small businesses which will help both banks and entrepreneurs make smart decisions. It currently has partnerships with LCL, BNP Paribas and others. It has also rolled out a suite for accountants. Launched in December 2012, the company has raised USD 2.4 million in funding till date.

Save Droid savedroid.de – Algorithm based saving App.

This free mobile app helps you save money by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence. The program analyses checking accounts at different banks and determines how much money it can save and then automatically transfers this to saving accounts to earn more interest. The app can also anticipate user purchase decisions which make it useful to marketeers.

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ZaveAppzaveapp.com – Savings App for Android phones.

This app claims to help people live their dreams by turning the mobile phone into a piggy bank. Aimed at the European market, Zave already has close to 50,000 users in Mexico. The company has managed to raise close to US$ 330,000 (Rs 2 Crores) from various investors. This firm was a finalist at French Tech Ticket program and opened its office in Paris this year.

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