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4 European Data Analytics Startups

In the modern world, data is being generated all the time. This data could vary from photos uploaded to your social network to company results announced on the stock exchange.

When all this data is analysed we get projections about future trends. Thus data analysis can help companies in forecasting and decision making.

Data analysis is now disrupting various industries across the globe. Given below are four start-ups that have unique offerings.

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Behaviour Analytics –

This firm provides adaptive behaviour analytics technology which can be used to profile people based on their financial behaviour patters. It’s smart technology can be used to profile people and detect behaviour which is out of character.

Featurespace can be used to monitor all customer data in real time to block fraud and ensure your customers never have to face any losses.

Capital Pilot –

Providing fund raising intelligence, Capital Pilot helps match investors with companies that require money. Based in the UK, Capital Pilot helps you raise between £ 250,000 and £2,000,000 . The firm helps you arrive at a suitable valuation of any company by studying similar deals which have taken place across the world.


Helps investment managers and analysts to generate forecasts and complex future objectives using their own portfolio data. Based on API’s and spreadsheet plugins, Forecast This seeks to revolutionise how investment managers take decisions using their deep learning algorithms. Based on neural networks, ForecastThis evaluates historical data to understand the present and the future.

Causa Lens –

A big data analytics company, it helps to arrive at decisions using artificial intelligence. The company’s products are still under development and expected to be launched very soon. The demo given demonstrates how econometric’s can be combined with artificial intelligence to deliver new insights.

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