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2016 Skoll Social Entrepreneurship Awards Announced

The Skoll Foundation announced the winners of it’s Social Entrepreneurship Awards for 2016 yesterday. The awards will be conferred on the 14th April 2016 at the Skoll World Forum. Every year Skoll Foundation invites applications from social entrepreneurs who are working for radical change at the grassroots across the globe. After a stringent screening process at least five winners are selected annually. Some years have seen as many as eight winners being announced. This year three Indians feature among the finalists.

The winners of Skoll Awards stand to receive funding and support worth more than US$ 1.25 million (Rs 10 Crore) to advance their organizations goals. The entrepreneurs chosen this year are working to provide new scalable solutions to address issues related to global poverty, human rights abuse, access to social justice systems and affordable healthcare access. You can also read about the 2014 winners of Skoll Social Entrepreneurship Awards that we had previously published.

The Skoll Foundation accelerates social change around the world by recognizing and supporting social entrepreneurs. They do this by providing access to resources, funding and providing networking opportunities with world leaders. The organization was founded in 1999 by Jeff Skoll with a vision of creating a sustainable world brimming with peace and prosperity. Till date the organization has invested more than US$ 400 million all over the world in more than 90 organizations and supported over 100 social entrepreneurs over the last decade.

skoll awardsThe social entrepreneurs who won the award this year include

  • Oren Ykobovich who founded Videre
    His organization provides training to activists so that they can document human rights abuses and provide protection to vulnerable populations. His organizations efforts have led to the conviction of dozens of political criminals. Videre has till date deployed around 600 human rights activists to document human rights abuse all around the globe.
  • Mallika Dutt and Sonali Khan who started Breakthrough
    These women based in India have brought a change in the lives of women who are affected by violence and child marriage. They provide leadership training to women and mobilize communities against social evils like gender based sex selection. Their organization works mainly in North India.
  • Chuck Slaughter of Living Goods –
    His organization educates village entrepreneurs to visit families door to door and educate them about basic health and hygiene products that can improve their quality of life and reduce mortality among children.
  • Bryan Stevenson of Equal Justice Initiative –
    Works with underprivileged black men who are imprisoned unjustly in the United States. Every year hundreds of black youth are wrongly convicted by Federal courts. The Equal Justice Initiative seeks to address these loop holes in the criminal justice system.

vivek maru

  • Vivek Maru of Namati Legal Empowement Network –
    His organization provides training and assistance on legal issues to people from low income communities by training grassroots advocates. The organization has till date assisted more than 40,000 clients on diverse issues from environmental protection to access to basic healthcare.
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