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15 New Payments and Money Transfer Services

Are you planning to send money home for the festive season ? With exchange rates having turned favourable, Indians across the globe are looking to transfer money home quickly and at an affordable rate. Transfer charges vary across different services with most companies charging between 2% to 5% of the total amount transferred as fees.

When one analyses the business model and features of the dozens of new money transfer services launched in India over the past year, one realises that most of them have just replicated the models of well established companies started abroad. Imitation is often regarded as the best form of flattery. Indian startups have over the past few years mastered this form of flattery.

Facebook was not the first company to launch a social network but it became the largest network with 2 billion active users, by constantly replicating popular features from other social networks with a focus on user experience.

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As we wind up our tour of startups in Europe, we have decided to list of some exemplary financial service providers who are likely to emerge as the leaders in their segment below. This list has been compiled based on meetings we had with founders of these companies and also those who had established stalls at the various tech expo’s that were organised in London.

Check out these companies below:

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