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11 Epic Startups From Luxembourg

Now that we have showcased business incubators in central Europe, we will profile some startups based in Luxembourg. These startups have been chosen based on the market potential, novelty and differentiation of their products from other startups. Some of them are based on artificial intelligence and data analytics, while others are hardware startups.

ai big bang

These companies products are mainly aimed at the European markets, hence competitors in Asia, Africa and South America could well replicate their products to achieve startup success in their local markets. Check out these companies below:

adapti –

Offering custom layouts and content for websites, this startup helps you determine what content to display to visitors. For instance it uses algorithms which can display posts based on visitor demography and browsing habits. Enabling webmasters to personalise their content, Adapti can help generate additional traffic by displaying relevant content.

They offer a free trial of 30 days for new customers and it is easy to integrate their application into your website; all it takes is a plugin. Adapti is compatible with both WordPress and HTML websites. By using their plugin you are enhancing the user experience which can indirectly boost your Google Web rankings. –

Aiva is an artificial intelligence platform founded by Pierre Barreau who is also the CEO of the firm. Aiva is built on AI which composes artificial music. Creating a sound track for a TV Series or a Movie will cost you about US$ 5 million at a Hollywood music studio.

Music for some reason is still a human dominated profession which makes it expensive. Aiva seeks to change that by producing music in a cost effective manner which is indiscernible from human compositions.

New music is required on a day to day basis for multimedia shows online and there is a great demand for such a product. Branding itself as the world’s first AI composer. The company charges € 2000 (Rs 1.5 Lakh) for a minute of music that is composed by it’s AI. The company is currently working with several Hollywood studios and gaming companies. Aiva reported revenues of € 35,000 (Rs 30 Lakh) for the last quarter.

ai installation

Safelive – Remote Monitoring Solution –

Founded by Emilia Tantar, Safe Live provides a senior citizen safety monitoring solution. It can be used by Alzheimer’s patients and those who require constant attention. It has been built for use by caretakers to ensure the safety of their wards.

It delivers automatic and reliable alarms based on parameters chosen by you. Safe Live has a built in AI system that is constantly evolving to customer needs. The company also offers wearable’s that can be synced with its app.

Book A Street

Book A Street Artist helps you hire artists for office events and private parties. If you are looking for something new in entertainment, this is the place to find it. The company takes in 20% of the fee charged by artists on it’s website. The artistic performance market is estimated to be a market of € 20 billion globally and is largely unorganised. Started in Lisbon, the company is expanding in German. It is currently focused on the cities of Frankfurt and Berlin.

Cybel Angel –

This company presents automated solutions that scan the dark web and connected devices 24 hours a day for key words related to their clients businesses and customers. Cybel Angel indexes more than 10 million data-set that are leaked on an average every day and then alerts it’s client if they are affected.

Early detection of customer data leaks on the internet can help companies fix security holes and mitigate the public outcry that usually follows such leaks. The company reported revenues of US$ 15 milllion revenue (Rs 100 Crores) last year and had 35 employees.

SpryFit –

SpryFit is a fitness gaming platform that brings your favourite wearable’s data to a single platform. When you join SpryFit you are required to pay an entry fee which is collected from all participants. Once the gaming period is completed, winners will collect the total prize money. You stand to lose money only if you fail to achieve your goal. There are more than 71 million people globally who are collecting their fitness data daily using wearable’s. This App is targeted at them .

Defined Crowd –

It is a platform that helps data scientists improve their workflows and develop Artificial Intelligence programs. The product combines crowd-sourcing with machine learning to provide big data analytics and speech technology for NLP programming. Built by renowned Data scientists, Defined Crowd is being used by Amazon Alexa, Sony and many other ventures. It’s solution has been deployed in 53 countries and 43 languages.

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Key Mitt –

Key Mitt turns ordinary locks into a smart lock, it provides a device which can be retro fitted on any lock from inside your house. Once it is fixed you can open your door with just a smart phone. The smart lock is being trialled by Airbnb and who think it can solve a major customer pain point which is access to booked accommodation.

This startup helps boost your virtual reality story telling and helps create 360 degree VR movies without having to know any coding. It is an award winning and easy to use platform that has already been used to produce full length VR movies. The startup recently raised a seed round of US$ 130,000.

vr gaming

Snap Swap –

The company offers remote digital on-boarding solutions which takes less than six minutes to complete. The company estimates that more than 100 million verification’s will need to be done in Europe by 2020. Snap Swap follows a B2B business model with a fee per verification.

Judg App – &

Judg is a social gaming app which has five founder. While Judg is targeted at teenagers, Showup is targeted at small businesses. Showup helps you create local contests which helps local businesses reach out to new users in its neighbourhood.

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