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8 Steps To Start An Online Business

2016 is the year of E-commerce in India. This is the year when Indians flocked to E-commerce portals like Flipkart and Amazon.in to purchase products at steep discounts. It has now become quite fashionable to be a part of the startup crowd. Many employees now day dream about quitting their jobs and turning into entrepreneurs. […]


10 Ideas To Start A Business In India

The Indian Economy is the fastest growing in the world. It is expected to grow at the rate of 7.5% this fiscal and could cross 8% in 2016-17. The expansion of the services sector is expected to be the main impetus driving economic growth in India. This rapid economic growth has entrepreneurs scrambling for new […]


SaaS and Cloud Software for Indian Startups

Indian Startups have slowly woken up to the opportunity that Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) represents. In the last decade SaaS software has found large scale adaptation among small businesses. This has led to the creation of behemoths like Salesforce.com and Zoho.com, that today drive the infrastructure of startups in Europe and the United States. Salesforce.com took more […]


Retail Investors Get 135 Equitas Shares Allotted

Retail investors who applied for the Equitas IPO have started receiving the refund amount blocked under ASBA. Investors with savings bank accounts in Yes Bank, State Bank of India, Union Bank and ICICI Bank have reported that the ‘hold‘ placed on their application amount has been released and they have received SMS alerts confirming the […]

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Startup Incubators in Bangalore, India

Bangalore is the startup capital of India. Period. All you entrepreneurs in Gurgaon and Hyderabad can eat your heart out but none of you can afford to wear this crown. In the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking collated by a research firm, Bangalore is the top Indian city for startups and is globally ranked at the […]

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6 Startup Ideas for 2-5 Lakhs

Becoming an Entrepreneur is the best decision anyone could have taken for their career. There used to be a time when government employees were considered the most eligible bachelors by parents of prospective bridegrooms because they had job security. That was a time when the Indian economy was a socialist economy and jobs were scarce. […]