Boom Time for EduTech Startups in India

India’s public education infrastructure is crumbling unable to cope with the rising demands of the millennial population. Many education startups have cropped up over the past few years who are trying to address issues facing the sector. EduTech Startups in India have managed to raise more than US$ 200 million from Investors over the last […]

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How To Find The Right Lender for Your Personal Loan?

India‚Äôs consumer finance sector is witnessing a churning and the personal loan market is growing at a hectic pace. Despite the growth in lending, banks are unable to satiate the demand for new loans. To cater to this demand, private lenders have rolled out new products to cater to the financial needs of the millennial […]


Quess Corp IPO Listing Date and Allotment

Quess Corp recently concluded it’s blockbuster IPO. The IPO broke all records by being oversubscribed by more than 147 times. This is the second highest number of bids any unlisted company has received for it’s IPO in the last eight years. Quess Corp’s issue size is Rs 400 Crores and it managed to garner a […]

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8 Steps To Start An Online Business

2016 is the year of E-commerce in India. This is the year when Indians flocked to E-commerce portals like Flipkart and Amazon.in to purchase products at steep discounts. It has now become quite fashionable to be a part of the startup crowd. Many employees now day dream about quitting their jobs and turning into entrepreneurs. […]


10 Ideas To Start A Business In India

The Indian Economy is the fastest growing in the world. It is expected to grow at the rate of 7.5% this fiscal and could cross 8% in 2016-17. The expansion of the services sector is expected to be the main impetus driving economic growth in India. This rapid economic growth has entrepreneurs scrambling for new […]


SaaS and Cloud Software for Indian Startups

Indian Startups have slowly woken up to the opportunity that Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) represents. In the last decade SaaS software has found large scale adaptation among small businesses. This has led to the creation of behemoths like Salesforce.com and Zoho.com, that today drive the infrastructure of startups in Europe and the United States. Salesforce.com took more […]